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Sponsorship Oppotunities of ASAS 2016 CSIS (2015-8-25 9:14:49)
1.Symposium Background Rapid development of large-scale swine production in China China is recognized as one of the world’s biggest pork-producing countries. With the rapi...Read more
Invite Experts and Topic of 2016 CSIS(2015-8-24 13:54:34)
Topic Experts Unit Section 1: Com...Read more
Country Representative - China(2015-4-29 17:07:50)
Congratulations. Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, the CEO of ASAS inform the Organizing Committee of CSIS that ASAS accept organizer for 2016 CSIS : “Country Representative - China" at April 10th, 2015.Read more

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