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The 6th (2022) International Swine Industry Symposium

International Swine Industry Symposium, aiming to “integrating worldwide nutrition technology, driving China swine industry innovation”, is organized to invite the world leading animal experts and scholars to create a platform for high-end public figures in the swine industry to study and exchange the up-to-date knowledge and technology

The 6th (2022) International Swine Industry Symposium, taking “the outlook of benefits to the sustainability of swine industry from the application of nutrition technology” as the symposium theme, has invited well-known experts and scholars in the field of animal nutrition around the world to have a zero-distance exchange. This will be an international, authoritative and cutting-edge academic symposium in swine industry, and also a grand feast of intellectual ferment from the industrial leading figures.


Organized by: American Society of Animal Science

                China Animal Agriculture Association

       Undertaken by: Shanghai Gentech Industries Group Co., Ltd.

                  Beijing Zhongxuxingmu Media Technology Co., Ltd.

                  China Animal Agriculture Association Media

Supported by: US Soybean Export Council

二、Date, Place and Participation

Date: March 23 - August 24, 2022 (please see the symposium program for specific date)

Meeting Form: Online presentation and Q&A interaction by one expert every month

Live-streaming Platform: Zhongxvxingmu Live-streaming studio

三、How to Watch

1. Please follow the WeChat public account of “International Swine Industry Symposium” to watch the symposium live.

Participants who have not followed the symposium on WeChat yet may scan the following QR code first and then will receive a link to the live-streaming studio. By clicking the link, you can enter the live-streaming studio immediately.


Participants who have already followed the symposium on WeChat may text and send “ISIS” in the message box and then will receive the link.


Note: The symposium will have six sessions for live streaming, and the link to each live-streaming session will be different. The links for session 2-6 will be announced in the WeChat public account of “International Swine Industry Symposium”. Please stay tuned for this. In addition, we will answer questions related to our symposium on the public account and your questions are always welcome.

四、Contact Us

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