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Attended the forum of experts included: Dr. Debra Aaron, ASAS president & professor of Department of Animal Sciences, Univeristy of Kentucky; Dr.Thomas Shipp, Director of Nutrition of Murphy Brown LLC; Dr. Niels Kjeldsen, Pig research centre of Denmark; Dr. Joe Crenshaw, Director of research & technical services of APC; Dr. Jason Sewell, nutritionist of Nutra Flo; Dr. John Patience, professor of animal science of Iowa State University; Dr. Hans Stein, professor of University of Illinois; Dr. De fa Li, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Dr. Gerald Shurson, professor of university of Minnesota; Dr. Chris Piotrowski, analytical chemist of AB Vista·Aunir; Dr. Jaap van Milgen, research engineer of INRA, France.

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