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Jaap van Milgen

Jaap van Milgen

Research Engineer;Nutrition and metabolism; INRA - UMR SENAH;

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) Saint Gilles, France.


Master, Wageningen Agricultural University (the Netherlands).

1991, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; modeling digestion in the rumen ;

1994, post-doctoral position and a permanent position at the INRA Center in Rennes, develop nutritional growth models for pigs.Develop an extensive experimental research program on energy expenditure in different livestock species using indirect calorimetry.

Since 2012, Head of the INRA-Agrocampus Ouest research unit ;Focus on animal biology and livestock systems, improve the sustainability and the competitiveness of animal production systems.

Since 2015, Coordinate the Feed-a-Gene project funded by the European Union in the framework of the Horizon 2020 program.

Functions and responsibilities

Research engineer

Moderator of the research team “Nutrition and Metabolism”

Editor of the journal “Animal”, section Livestock Farming Systems and Environmental Impact

Moderator of the working group on modeling

Co-moderator of Réflexives

Research activities and development

Energy metabolism (pigs, poultry, veal calves);

Response of piglets to the supply of amino acids in the diet;

Nutritional modeling;

Development of decision support software InraPorc

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