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2016 Swine Industry Symposium was held successfully

Swine Industry Symposium is organized by American Society of Animal Science, Shanghai Gentech Industries Group and Shanghai Su-Pro Bio-Tech Co., Ltd to invite the world leading animal scientists to create a platform to bring the up-to-date knowledge and technology to Chinese swine industry.American Society of Animal Science and Shanghai Gentech industries group Co., Ltd was held successfully this Chinese Swine Industry Symposium together at this October 20-21, 2016 in Shanghai.

In this forum, France, from USA, France, Denmark and China etc. 14 international experts, scholars in the 2 days of time, focus on the pig industry opportunities and challenges, feed efficiency, sustainable development and the adjustment of feed formula based on field performance and feed management content teaching, comprehensive display of the latest research results the domestic and foreign pig industry. A strong lineup of experts, subject content and practical, has attracted many domestic industry elite participation, also attracted many of the media to report. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of people who participate in this forum to reach about 600 people, the scene grand unprecedented.

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