2018 Swine Industry Symposium


The coming 2018 Swine Industry Symposium will keep the same objectives to be informative, professional, and practical to help our leaders in the industry to find ideas and solutions. This year, we also have an impressive roster of invited speakers, representing America, Europe and Asia. This would be a top-ranked symposium in our industry.

II. Program

1. Application of new bio-technology for improvement in pork production efficiency.  Dr. Guoyao Wu
2. Biotechnological processing to produce high-quality single cell protein from renewable biomass-an update   Dr. Margareth Overland
3. Amino Acid utilization in the growing pig    Dr. Paul Moughan
4. The competitiveness analysis of Brazilian pig and pork industry, and forecast of  future growth            Dr. Uislei Orlando
5. Analysis of pork quality variability, and possible intervention for improving it's functionality and nutritional value      Dr. Dustin Boler
6. Promotion for greater consumption of pork : Strategy and action plans by US National Pork Board            Dr. Steve Larsen
7. The effect of animal welfare on consumer perception of pork quality and on public acceptance of pig production: The EU experience        Dr. Peter Sandoe
8. The importance of feed biosecurity in the farm to fork food system   Dr. Jason Woodworth
9. Nutritional and feeding options and manipulations on performance and profitability of growing and finishing pigs        Dr. Michael Tokach
10. The effect of amino acids chemical form and their ratio to lysine, and the diet net energy on growth performance, carcass composition, and feeding cost of pigs during the finishing phase       Dr. John Htoo
11. INRA " Feed A Gene" Global Research Project Update      Dr. Jaap van Milgen
12. Fundamental research on nutrition and feeding practice of modern highly prolific lactating sows            Dr. Peter Kappel Theil
13. Relevance of animal science research with understanding of human biological processes and wellness        Dr. Todd Armstrong
Effect of digestible Calcium and Phosphorous on performance of growing pigs   Dr. Hans H Stein
15. Nutritional evaluation and optimization of pigs based on plasma metabolomic analysis       Dr. Junjun Wang
16. New concept and technology of breeder sow Nutrition   Dr. De Wu

III. Date, Place and Participants

Date: October 24-26, 2018 (Register at the information desk on October 23)

Place: Shanghai,Kai Yuan Ming Du hotel, China

Participants: 500-600ppl

Registration hotline: 021-57634675

fax: 021-57632800

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