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2018 International Swine Nutrition Symposium

2018 International Swine Nutrition Symposium was successfully held.
The theme of CSIS is outstanding, rich content, wonderful, meet the needs of domestic pig industry.The discussion atmosphere of the panel was intense and the exchange was active, which achieved the expected effect.With the help of this platform, experts share their thoughts and ideas with everyone, and help Chinese industry personnel to obtain cutting-edge technology information more quickly, thus solving the difficulties that have troubled us for a long time.Looking forward to tomorrow, may go on the road is not flat, but the cohesion force, share the birth of hope, the spread of this BBS "global research strength, drive the pig industry innovation thinking" has become a prairie fire, lit a light of hope for the construction of industry, China's pig industry is bound to it to development as a new starting point, set sail, braving the, into the healthy and rapid development of the new situation.

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